About Us

Yep. We Clean Pools.

Serving Tampa Bay for over twenty years (and still lovin’ it).

Hi, I’m David.

I’ve had the privilege of serving the community of Tampa Bay for over 20 years.  My passion is to help people and provide the kind of service that people really want.  I’ve been blessed to have a team of fantastic people who also share the same passion and dedication.

Since starting this company 20 years ago by myself, our team has grown and our customer support has upgraded. We wanted to be different from other pool service companies, so we decided to make it as easy for the customer as possible. The way we do this are simple:

• You don’t have to be home.

• We email you the report of what we did and everything you need to know right after the maintenance is complete.

• It’s like a magic fairy cleaned your pool – our workers don’t leave a messy trace. 

• No contracts. 


To show you just how seamless our service is, we always offer our first-time customers a free month of maintenance. Again – no contract required. 


A Little of What We Do…

Weekly Service

No hassle, worry-free maintenance. We stop by, get it done, and send you a report. All you’ll experience is a pristine pool and the respect of your friends/family.

Emailed Reports

Know what’s going on!  Every week we will email you a report of the Water Test Results & Chemical Additions made to your pool.

PPS Prime Service

Specifically tailored for pools that already utilize automatic pool cleaners which vacuum the pool. We’ll simply take care of the chemicals, surface, and your pool filter.

Pool Kit Deliveries

Uber legally can’t do it–but we can! We’ll happily deliver your pool supplies so that you don’t have to worry about wasting a valuable weekend. (Coming Soon!)

Happy Customers

We’re thrilled when you’re thrilled.

…”they’re always on time and do an excellent job taking care of my pool and I don’t have to worry about it!” Charles

Customer over 15 years